Exploring Feminist Theory in the Humanities

In the winter of 2012, students in GWST 335, Gender and Women’s Studies in the Humanities at the Okanagan Campus of the University of British Columbia, went through a collaborative process to design the assignment the class would be given for their final project. After reflecting on the feminist themes and ethics underlying the work we studied in the course, and thinking critically about what constitutes meaningful learning, the students opted to participate in one of two collaborative efforts: they put their work in a group exhibition shown on campus, or they contributed it to this website. Many students produced creative and experimental works to embody the themes of the course, which are expressed in the above keywords in a wordle, generated by students in class as part of this process.

The work that students produced is fascinating; it reflects a diverse set of interests, is marked by their understanding and even embodiment of some of the key principles of feminist theory in the last two decades, and – I’m thrilled to see – brilliantly opens onto debates and approaches in other intellectual terrains, showing the points of intersection between feminist theory and methodologies and other critical toolkits.

Please feel free to look around, skim (or immerse yourself in!) students’ works, and browse through the photos of works that were mounted as part of our four-day campus exhibition.